The FMs Of Saudi Arabia And Nigeria Consult Politically

Saudi Arabia & Nigeria Foreign Minister talked about measures to improve & advance ties between the two nations in all areas in the meeting.

The Saudi Arabia – Nigeria Political Consultation Committee met. Under the direction of the two ministers.

Riyadh — On Thursday. Saudi Arabia Foreign Affairs Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan met with Geoffrey Onyeama of Nigeria.

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They talked about measures to improve and advance ties between the two nations in all areas throughout the meeting.

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Along with debating topics that would promote world peace and security, we will also talk about regional and global concerns of common interest.

Ambassador Dr. Sami Al-Saleh, Assistant Minister of State for African Countries Affairs, and Faisal bin Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi, Ambassador of the Kingdom to Nigeria, attended the reception and the meeting of the Consultation Committee.

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