Free Housing for Citizens Whose Properties are Being Demolished in Jeddah

The Committee for Undeveloped Neighborhoods in Jeddah city states a package of services & foremost services is the provision of free housing.

Jeddah — On Monday, the Committee for the Undeveloped Neighborhoods in Jeddah announced a package of services from the state for citizens whose homes are being dismantled in the slums and undeveloped neighborhoods in Jeddah city. The foremost among these services is the provision of free housing.

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The relocated residents from these neighborhoods were provided with over 68,000 services. The services provided included transportation of furniture to their new location and providing food baskets and meals.

The committee informed that the homes marked for demolition fall into three categories. The first is the housing of families that enjoy social security benefits. New Free housing facilities have been made available to more than 550 relocated families. A total of 4,781 housing units will be fully ready for this category of homeowners at the end of 2022.

The committee said that the second category of homeowners are the residents of slums and demolished neighborhoods but with legal title deeds. The state has rented housing units for this category until they receive the compensation amounts.

The third category comprises citizens, not social security beneficiaries, and does not have legal title deeds. The committee is studying their cases, and these will be allotted housing in collaboration with charitable societies.

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The committee has informed that all the remaining homeowners in the above three categories will receive compensation on the same pattern.

In collaboration with the State Properties General Authority, the Jeddah Mayoralty started receiving requests from properties located in slums and undeveloped neighborhoods marked for demolition in Jeddah, effective from Sunday.

The mayoralty said that the digital applications are accepted through the mayoralty’s online portal ( while noting that there is no need to personally visit the committee’s field headquarters.

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