GASTAT: Preliminary Census Data to be Published Before Year-End

General Authority for Statistics has stated that the preliminary data of the 'Saudi Census 2022' will be published before the end of 2022.

Riyadh: The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) has announced that the preliminary data of the ‘Saudi Census 2022’ will be published before the end of 2022.

GASTAT completed the first phase of its data collection for the Saudi 2022 Census on Thursday. It also completed the beginning of the data analysis and processing phase. In this phase, they analyze and confirm the data quality.

GASTAT demonstrated that the data analysis and processing phase underwent many statistical procedures.

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These procedures followed the methodologies used to ensure the quality and accuracy of data. These procedures include fieldwork and communication with heads of households.

They also include providing the self-enumeration link to a limited group of citizens and residents. This will allow these citizens and residents to confirm and complete the data.

GASTAT asked everyone to cooperate with census interviewers during this phase.

The authority said fines would be slapped on anyone who refused to provide data or deliberately disrupted the census work.

As per the General Statistics Law issued by Royal Decree No. 23 on 7/12/1397 AH, notices were issued to violators in the previous phase.

The authority commended the cooperation of citizens and residents with the interviewers during their visits. It appreciated their interaction during the various phases of the Census.

Specifically, self-enumeration was appreciated, which was popular with the public. GASTAT also enjoyed the staff working on the Saudi Census 2022 project. The team had performed their tasks effectively.

This is the fifth Census in the history of the Kingdom. It aims to cover the entire population, collecting accurate statistical data.

This data will assist in formulating policies, preparing plans, and directing projects based on the people’s needs in all regions of the Kingdom. — SPA

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