Saudi Arabia Approves Work From Home for The Government Sector and New Scholarships

Saudi Arabia's MHRSD has approved the introduction of work from home in the government sector & scholarship students for the sponsoring entity

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has approved the introduction of work from home in the government sector.

The ministry has introduced changes to the executive regulations of the Labor Law on employment in the civil service.

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The ministry’s approval of telework as a new method of work in the government entity is part of achieving diversification and ensuring continuity of jobs in various work environments.

An MHRSD committee will consider everything related to remote working (work from home) in a government entity.

Employees will be allowed to perform their duties and responsibilities outside a workplace; using innovative information technology typically used in remote work.

The ministry will approve online jobs based on the telework committee’s recommendations.

Additionally, all government entities can propose specific jobs that can be managed remotely and submit the proposals to the telework committee.

MHRSD’s teleworking initiatives prioritize women’s participation in the labor market; in addition to creating opportunities for Saudis in rural areas and qualified persons with special needs.

The Amendments Also Cover Saudi Scholarship Students

According to the amendment, a scholarship student must have worked for the sponsoring entity for a period equivalent to the scholarship period.

If a student refrains from doing so or does not complete the required work period. They must pay back the entire costs for the entity during the scholarship period.

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The competent Saudi minister can exempt a student from working for the sponsoring government entity; if they have worked for another government entity.

However, the exemption period will not exceed half of that period; if the state’s general budget does not cover the government entity.

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