Jeddah; Stan Lee’s Super Con is Coming Soon

Stan Lee's Super Con is coming to the Jeddah Season which is taking place from June 9 to June 11 and takes place in the Jeddah Superdome.

Comic book fans unite. Grab your capes and fly at full speed ahead into Stan Lee’s Super Con. It is coming to Jeddah as a part of the Jeddah Season.

The Stan Lee Super Con is taking place from June 9 to June 11 and takes place in the Jeddah Superdome.

Big-name stars are descending onto Jeddah during this special event, which is named after Stan Lee, the famous comic book writer.

Stan Lee’s Super Con will host panel discussions, special talks, and performances. Here you will have the chance to grab special memorabilia.

The event will also be filled with fantastic photo opportunities. These photos are not just with celebrities but visitors, as you are encouraged to dress up as a comic book character.

If you happen to have a favorite comic book character, chances are Lee has probably created them. The American-born Lee is responsible for creating a long list of comic book characters.

Some of his creations include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Black Panther, and many more.

Mehcad Brooks, who starred in Mortal Kombat as Jax, has been scheduled to appear at the Jeddah event.

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Other stars include

  • Clive Standen from Vikings,
  • Zach Levi from Shazam!,
  • Katie Cassidy, who played Laurel in The Flash,
  • Michael Rooker from Guardians of the Galaxy,
  • Lexi Rabe from Avengers: Endgame,
  • Lucy Martin from Vikings,
  • Sam Jones from Flash Gordon.

Many more famous personalities are expected to be revealed soon, and our Spidey senses are already tingling.

Stan Lee’s Super Con is definitely no stranger to Saudi Arabia. It took place in 2019 in Riyadh and welcomed the likes of Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelson, and William Shatner.

So, start planning your outfit. A superhero suit, anyone? 

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