Jeddah Suicide Bombing Injures Three Officers and One Pakistani Resident

Jeddah, on Wednesday evening, a wanted person killed himself after setting off suicide bombing, injuring 3 security officers & 1 Pakistani.

Jeddah: On Wednesday evening, a wanted person killed himself after setting off (suicide bombing) an explosive device.

In a statement on Friday, the official spokesman for the Presidency of State Security said that Security officers were about to arrest the wanted person following a chase. However, they remained unsuccessful.

Saudi national Abdullah bin Zayed Abdul Rahman Al-Bakri Al-Shehri died on the spot. At the same time, one Pakistani resident and three security officers sustained various injuries due to the blast.

The injured officers and the Pakistani resident were transferred to a local hospital. The blast victims received all the essential treatment.

The security spokesman said Al-Shehri was one of the nine people on a wanted list. The Saudi authorities announced this wanted list on January 31, 2016.

Al-Shehri was spotted in the Al-Samer neighborhood of Jeddah at around 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The qualified authority at the Presidency of State Security tracked him down. This was done via weaving a security dragnet.

The officers were preparing to apprehend him. However, the man blew himself (suicide bombing) up just before they could take any further action. He did this using an explosive belt that he was wearing.

An official statement was made public by The Presidency of the State Security. It stated it would confront anyone who attempts to tamper with the security and stability of citizens and residents on Saudi Arabian territory.

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