Saudi Arabia & UAE Ink a Cooperation Agreement in Internal Auditing

Saudi Arabia & UAE signed an agreement for internal auditing Saudiscoop
Abdullah Saleh Al-Shebeili, CEO of the Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA–KSA), and Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Chairperson of the Board of UAE Internal Auditors Association (UAE IAA), signed the agreement.

Dubai: IIA–KSA, the Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors, has signed an agreement of cooperation in Dubai with UAE IAA. The UAE Internal Auditors Association, to exchange everyday experiences in the field of internal auditing and to serve its community.

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The agreement originates from the two parties’ (Saudi Arabia & UAE) eagerness to effectively support and further develop the ongoing strategic partnership ties.

It lays the basis for cooperation to secure integration between their objectives; and reinforce their strategic role in achieving government goals through collaboration between the two countries.

The agreement’s purpose is to develop a framework of corporate management. To enhance investor trust, establish strategic alliances with regulatory and legislative rules, expand the internal auditing profession; and furnish expertise and specializations that benefit the growth and development of the trade and work to localize it in the two countries.

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