MoH Emphasizes the Importance of Keeping Schools Open

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MoH said, experts & specialists in Saudi Arabia stress the importance of opening schools & its continuity for students at all academic levels

Riyadh — The spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdali, said that experts and specialists in the Kingdom stress the importance of returning to schools open and its continuity for male and female students at all academic levels.

“Education is an important matter, and we are pleased that our sons and daughters are returning to in-person education. And they have returned with protocols carried out by our colleagues in the Ministry of Education; alongside the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Authority, and other supporting bodies,” Al-Abdali said during a televised interview on Saturday.

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“Thanks to implementing precautionary protocols and measures in schools; we witnessed a safe, successful, and healthy return for our sons and daughters.”

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He explained that experts and specialists stress the importance of this return, its continuation; which is essential for their health, and what the experts in the world are doing. He reiterated that the ministry would take all steps that serve the interest of society.

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Meanwhile, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has recommended opening schools for children this year.

ON ITS TWITTER ACCOUNT, the UN body said: “The year 2022 cannot be another year of disruption of education due to the corona pandemic. We must put education and the best interests of children first.”

“Let’s keep schools open to every child,” the organization added.

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