The Forum of ‘Common Values’ brings together Religious Leaders in Riyadh

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Riyadh, MWL launched the forum of "Common Values among Religious Followers" on Wednesday in the presence of many religious leaders in Riyadh.

Riyadh: The Muslim World League (MWL) launched the forum of “Common Values among Religious Followers” on Wednesday in the presence of several religious leaders in Riyadh.

Abdulwahab Al-Shehri is the Under-Secretary-General of Corporate Communications of the Muslim World League. Al-Shehri explained that the forum based its goals on the MWL’s goals.

MWL’s statute and regulations consolidate its global role as an independent international NGO.

MWL is spreading the values of Islam for serving Humanity. Cooperation on human commonalities for a peaceful world. And they are creating more coexisting and harmonious societies.

Al-Shehri said,

“Among the main topics is Islam came as a mercy to the worlds. Our noble Prophet (PBUH) conveyed Islam’s morals to all people, as the Almighty God described him as the man of greatest character.

He spread harmony among people. Extremism and counter-extremism (worldwide) have distorted these Islamic values.”

Al-Shehri added:

“The forum based its guidance on the Madinah Charter, which our Prophet (PBUH) signed with various religions in Madinah.”

The charter embodies Islamic legislation in its dealings with everyone. Islam was opened “positively” to followers of all religions to clarify its message; and correct any wrong concepts and practices not contributing to understanding and peaceful coexistence.

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Al-Shehri stressed that the Muslim World League does not deal with any ideological or political goals whatsoever in its approach. 

Regarding the forum’s guests representing other world religions, Al-Shehri said: “The guests of this forum are distinguished leaders and worthy of appreciation.”

He continued:

“Muslims trust in their beliefs, the light that guides them. Only the weak are afraid of others in such a context.

With their righteous power, Muslims are dialogue initiators and the authors of its literature.”

The forum’s opening session Human Dignity focuses on the necessity of understanding religious and cultural uniqueness and not offending their followers. 

The second session, Bridging Humanity for the Good of Humanity, dismantles conflict and clash of civilizations and promotes cooperation among nations.

The last session discusses Moderation and understanding others, and inherent human values. Their role is to form a moderate personality, understand diversity among humans, and not turn it into fear and hatred.

Sessions will follow up with an open dialogue on the initiatives. 

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