NCM Warns of Likely Thunderstorms in Some Regions

NCM daily forecast, the weather condition would be partly cloudy sky, thunderstorms with active winds on Makkah, Baha, Asir, & Jazan regions.

Riyadh — The NCM, Saudi National Center of Meteorology, said in its daily forecast that the weather condition would be partly cloudy sky, along with thunderstorms, accompanied by active winds on Makkah, Baha, Asir, and Jazan regions.

It added that dust winds would continue to occur in some parts of the said regions. Thus, reducing visibility in some parts of the Riyadh and Najran regions.

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The report showed that the Red Sea surface wind would be northerly to northwesterly at 15-45 km/h. While the northern, central, and southerly to southeasterly at 20-30 km/h, on the southern region. The surface wind movement in the Arabian Gulf will be northwesterly at 20-45 km/h.

The NCM warned of rainy thunderstorms on Al-Taif and Mesan Governorates, accompanied by active surface winds and low visibility until 5 p.m. Saturday.

The NCM warned of active winds and dusty weather on Al-Mahd Governorate, an affiliate of Madinah Region, accompanied by low visibility. This situation which started at 8 a.m., is expected to continue until 5 p.m. Saturday, said NCM report.

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The Civil Defense Authority has called on all citizens and residents to take care and caution. In such cases, people are instructed to follow guidance and instructions by keeping away from valleys and flood streams.

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