Olympics 2020: A Closing Ceremony to Remember as Tokyo Bows Out

Olympics 2020: A closing ceremony to remember as Tokyo bows out
As the Tokyo Games 2020 draw to an ultimate end, things this time are different than they have ever been. You can tune into the closing ceremony in real-time as it begins at 8 PM Tokyo time on Sunday night.

The Tokyo Olympics games were supposed to be held in summer 2020 but unfortunately delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

This one-year delay for the games meant a lot of things – enthusiasm was ruined, and the event seemed almost anticlimactic.

But the hunches were ill-placed. The Games did not just proceed smoothly; there were a lot of great things to see.

As the Games come to an end, we are expecting some things in the closing ceremony. The athletes will march in, country upon the country, proud and smiling. Symbolic, for we are all one people.

But we may not see all of the athletes. Covid-19 precautions mean that many athletes would have already left the stadium soon after their last event. 

Speeches are to be held, no doubt. High dignitaries will speak with admiration about the Games and the Olympic movement that brings nations together.

Thomas Bach, the president of the Olympic committee, would, too, address the world.

Expect Paris to get a segment in as the next hosts of the Games. Paris will get 10 minutes to give us a little glimpse of the 2024 games. What can that be?

The Medal Ceremony

The Olympics would be incomplete without a medal ceremony of the latest event, so count on a lavish one.

There will be tributes to Tokyo; we are still wondering what that might be. 

All of this would be accompanied by anthems. Several of them, actually. The anthems of Japan, France, and Greece (the origin of the Games) and the Olympic anthem would encourage people to stand up in deep reverence.

The flame would go out for another four years as the Olympic cauldron is doused, accompanied by solemn music.

The enthusiasm of the games may not have been affected, but the participants and amount of fans allowed on the grounds definitely have.

Farewell Olympics 2020

So this closing ceremony expects a more somber farewell in terms of attendance. 

You don’t have to worry, however. Media personnel will be allowed inside to bring the whole event in its unfiltered form to the comfort of your home. 

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