Saudi Schools to Hold On Campus Final Exams for All Levels

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Saudi Arabia’s MoE has revealed that the term-end (final) examinations for all levels of schooling will be held on campus in person.

Riyadh — Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education has revealed that the term-end(final) examinations for all levels of schooling will be held on campus in person.

Ibtisam Al-Shehri, the spokesperson for the ministry; confirmed a Saudi Gazette query that all students would sit final exams; in all primary subjects for the second semester offline and in-person.

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As for students who cannot sit the final exams due to illness or other circumstances; their schools will reschedule their missed final exams at the beginning of the next semester, Al-Shehri pointed out.

The final exams schedule for all educational levels will start on Sunday, the third of the Hijri month of Shaaban, Al-Shehri said; adding that the ministry circulated the decision to all education departments.

The spokesperson explained the mechanism for students to attend the final practical and oral final exams; is divided into bubbles according to the operational models.

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The exams will be conducted in single sessions only, Al-Shehri said, while stressing that it will not exceed two subjects per day.

Al-Sheri indicated that the practical(on campus) and oral exams would take place on Sunday, Rajab 26, a regular school day.

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