Over 571,000 ex-pats leave the Saudi job market in a year

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Riyadh: A total of 571,333 expatriates have left the Kingdom’s employment market from both the private and government sectors during one year ending the second quarter of 2021. This decrease represents a reduction of 8.52 percent.

Expatriate numbers in the local labor market fell to 6,135,126 by the end of June this year from 6,706,459 at the end of June 2020.

The statistical figures also showed a decrease of 5.46 percent in Saudi and non-Saudi subscribers to GOSI working in the public and private sectors, accounting for 474,382 subscribers during the period.

GOSI subscribers reached 8,199,723 at the end of this year, against 8,674,105 subscribers during the second quarter of 2020.

123,951 new Saudis entered the workforce during the second quarter of this year, which translates to an annual increase of 6.4 percent.

The number of Saudis working in the government and private sectors and subscribers to GOSI touched 2,064,597 at the end of June this year, compared to 1,940,646 during the second quarter last year.

In 2021, non-Saudi subscribers of GOSI fell by 3.12 percent.

Saudi subscribers also reduced by 2.94 percent, or 62,583, during the same period.

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