Move to Allow Premium Residency Holders to Benefit from Education and Health Services

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Holders of the Premium Residency will soon enjoy the privileges previously only available to Saudi citizens in the Kingdom.

Riyadh — Holders of the Premium Residency (Special Privilege Iqama) will soon enjoy the exclusive privileges previously only available to Saudi citizens in the Kingdom’s health and education services.

The Saudi Premium Residency Center (PRC) has planned to add new amendments to the Premium Residency Law in this regard, as reported by the Al-Watan newspaper.

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The amendments in the law seek to permit non-Saudis from non-target groups to obtain Premium Residency benefits. At present, the target groups for the new green card-style Premium Residency comprise those who have unique competence and talent, investors, entrepreneurs, property owners, as the proposed target groups.

As per its latest initiative, PRC strives to grant privileges enjoyed by Saudis related to health and education facilities to the Premium Residency holders.

The initiative aims to achieve the Kingdom’s goals and vision by granting non-Saudis privileges and special status over other residents in the Kingdom.

The most important feature of the Premium Residency is that its holders do not need a Saudi sponsor or employer.

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