The Presidency Conveys 40,000 tons of Zamzam Water from Makkah to Madinah Reservoirs

General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques has fulfil a great task of conveying 40,000 tons of Holy Zamzam water at the Prophet's Mosque

Makkah — The Services and Field Affairs Agency at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has accomplished a significant task. It conveyed 40,000 tons of Holy Zamzam water from filling stations in Makkah to Holy Zamzam reservoirs; at the Prophet’s Mosque since the beginning of the Hijri year.

This was done according to standards that adopted the best international quality standards. The aim was to guarantee the ease of accessibility of Holy Zamzam water to all guests of the Prophet’s Mosque round the clock.

Undersecretary of the President for Services and Field Affairs and Realizing the Environment Protection; along with Undersecretary of the President at the Grand Mosque for Executive and Development Affairs Mohammed Al-Jabiri; ensured the movement of Holy Zamzam water was made through tankers with a capacity of 20 tons.

This transfer was done after ensuring their safety and the safety of their drivers. It was guaranteed that no one could open the tankers.

The only exception was through the special employee at the General Directorate for the Affairs of the Holy Mosque of the Prophet.

He explained that the general directorate supervises all the procedures and conditions made by the General Presidency.

There are particular standards to protect the water from external factors. These are all necessary for the Holy Zamzam water to arrive in Madinah with the best international health and prevention standards.

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He said:

“The general directorate, through qualitative procedures and operations, seeks to protect the Holy Zamzam water from pollution. Starting by extracting it from the well, conveying it through pipelines, and sanitizing it with ultraviolet radiation.

“Then, at the purification and filtering stations; a comprehensive system of filters is used to produce high-quality pure and clean water. It ensures the water is distributed to all stations and specialized locations at the Grand Mosque and for conveyance to the Prophet’s Mosque.” — SPA.

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