Prince William Will Inherit King Charles’ vast property portfolio following the Queen’s death

Prince William is expected to inherit Prince Charles' countryside estate, Highgrove House, and other properties and land.

Prince William and Kate receive new Dukedom.

The Duke of Cambridge to take over his father’s land

The Queen’s death will bring significant changes to the royal family, including the titles they hold and the properties they own.

King Charles’s ascension to the throne requires his title of the Duke of Cornwall to pass on to Prince William, his eldest son. Prince William will also become the controller of the Duchy of Cornwall, a land and property portfolio.

Will the Prince of Wales and Kate move house again after the Queen’s death?

Prince William is also expected to inherit Prince Charles’ countryside estate, Highgrove House, and other properties and land.

How does the ownership of the Duchy work? The rule: “Each future Duke of Cornwall will be the eldest surviving son of the Monarch and the heir to the throne.”

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The stunning countryside retreat of Highgrove House

Of course, this doesn’t mean William will move into Highgrove. But he will be the technical owner of it, with his father as his tenant should the new King choose to reside there.

Other properties managed and owned by William under the Duchy include Newquay and Poundbury developments and most of the land that makes up the Isles of Scilly.

A week ago, Prince William and Kate relocated to Windsor with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince William spent a part of his childhood at the Highgrove estate 

The Cambridge’s moved to Windsor’s Adelaide Cottage, a historic four-bedroom home. It is close to Windsor Castle and conveniently located a mere 40-minute drive from the Duchess’s parents, Carole and Michael, and her brother James, who all live in Berkshire.

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