Ramadan’s Last Friday Prayer At The Two Holy Mosques

Last Friday of Ramadan is marked with special prayer with spirituality & faith, worshipers performed their prayers in the Two Holy Mosques.

Makkah —  In an atmosphere brimming with spirituality and faith, worshipers performed their prayers in the Two Holy Mosques. The last Friday of Ramadan is marked with special prayer, thanking Allah the Almighty for his blessings.

Of comfort, faith, safety, and stability. The worshipers also beseeched the Almighty for an end to the pandemic.

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It was a smooth and orderly congregation thanks to the meticulous arrangements by the authorities. The worshippers spent their day in a serene spiritual atmosphere.

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Their gathering was smooth and orderly thanks to the meticulous and flawless arrangements made by the authorities that enabled them to spend the day in a highly spiritual and serene atmosphere.

The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques intensified its cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization operations. Ten washing operations were conducted daily at the Grand Mosque as preventive measures.

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Forty-five field teams work 24/7 to clean and sterilize the entire area of the Grand Mosque and its external premises. The Presidency also provided over 300 hand sterilizing devices and 70 remote sensing temperature machines.

Several worshipers commended the Saudi Government for the services provided at the Grand Mosque. They expressed their admiration for the assistance and safety measures.

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