Saudi Arabia Rescues Two American Women From Houthi-Controlled Sanaa

Saudi Mod told, Two American Women were freed rescued from captivity in the Houthi-controlled capital of Yemen & transported to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh — Two US citizens (American Women) were freed rescued from captivity in the Houthi-controlled capital of Yemen and transported to Saudi Arabia; the Saudi ministry of defense announced on Friday.

When rescued, the two young women reported mistreatment and restrictions on their movements.

Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki, the Saudi Ministry of Defense spokesperson, said; “In continuation of the long-standing strong military cooperation and joint security coordination between Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. 

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The two young American women were freed and rescued from captivity, evacuated, and transported from the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital Sanaa. They were shifted to the interim capital Aden, and later on to Riyadh.”

He said that the two American citizens came to Sana’s for a family visit. Their passports were confiscated and mistreated, with restrictions placed on their freedom and movement.

Al-Malki pointed out that the two US citizens were freed and then transported from Sanaa to Aden; following a request from the US and through a special security operation.

“Subsequently, they were flown from Aden to Riyadh by the Royal Saudi Airforce. Upon their arrival in Riyadh, US government officials were present where the two evacuated American citizens were given all necessary healthcare screenings and care.”

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“This joint operation between the Kingdom and the United States of America to evacuate the two US citizens; from Yemen demonstrates the strength of the bilateral relationship between the two countries. It is also part of the ongoing security and intelligence cooperation to combat terrorist organizations in Yemen.

Organizations such as AQAP (Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) and ISIS in Yemen. The terrorist Houthi militia is a designated terrorist organization under the United Nations Security Council Resolution (2624),” he added.

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