Saudi Arabia; Airlines Ticket Prices Can Rise 300%

Saudi Experts assess that airline ticket prices may rise 300% after the traffic restrictions lift on May 17, 2021.

Saudi Arabia Airlines began preparations for the return of international flights next May. The Minister of Transport met with the General Authority’s directors to discuss these preparations.

Saudi travel agencies also began preparing for this date, as only 35 days remain to lift restrictions for travel abroad.

Abdul Razzaq Al-Zahrani, General Director of the Traveler’s Club Agency in Riyadh, confirmed that airline tickets are currently low at mid-Ramadan and that prices are 30% lower than similar periods.

Still, he suggested that after the second week of the holy month of Ramadan, prices would increase from 200% to 300% to keep pace with the great demand for travel.

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Al-Zahrani pointed out that demand indicators increase significantly with the approaching time set for lifting restrictions on foreign travel and the increased number of vaccinated people in the Kingdom.

Abdullah Al-Ghafili, Director General of the Riyadh Travel Agency, stressed that supply and demand are among the most critical factors that control airline ticket prices and seat availability.

Al-Ghufaili explained that the reservation request is increasing with the travelers booking tickets at cheap prices.

The opening of many tourist destinations and markets to travel, taking into account health precautions and vaccination, is expected to be one of the essential conditions for travel.

Saleh Al-Saleem, Director General of Al-Battar Travel and Tourism Agency in Onaizah, stated the importance of choosing tourist destinations after completing travel restrictions on May 17.

He cautioned that hotel prices and airline tickets would naturally rise with the increase in demand as we reach closer to lifting restrictions on travel abroad for the citizens.

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Al-Saleem expects that the islands would top the Saudis’ attractions to spend the next vacation and the isolated cities in Egypt, Morocco, and Greece. Which would be tempting to Saudi families due to health precautions and distance from places of human gatherings.

He pointed to the increase in demand for trips to tourist destinations such as the Maldives and Seychelles.

Hassan Anwar, Executive Vice President of the Saudi International Tourism Company, indicated that travel demand levels are increasing, driven by the increase in the number of vaccinators and the large offers from destinations that opened their doors to vaccinators.

Anwar expected the international travel market to improve during the coming summer. With the approaching date of lifting travel restrictions for citizens, airline ticket prices will increase to meet the expected high demand.

Anwar pointed out there is a need to review the airlines’ reservation policy. Each airline has a particular policy against canceling and re-booking to secure the best prices available for early reservations.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Interior has set a date for lifting the suspension of travel for citizens abroad from the beginning of next May 17 to include land, sea, and airports.

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