Saudi Arabia Bags Second Place In Balkan Junior Math Olympiad

Saudi Arabia Bags Second Place In Balkan Junior Math Olympiad
The 25th Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad 2021 is a mathematical competition. It is arranged annually by the Mathematical Society of The Republic of Moldova.

 Like in previous years, it took place in Moldova starting from the 1st of July 2021. The Saudi Arabian team wholeheartedly participated in the 25th edition. Just like it has been in the past nine years in a row.

The team comprised of Mohammad Abdulaisi, Mahdi Albaik, Hadi Al Aitham, Abdulelah Altaf, Muhammad Hafiz, and Muath Al-Qitani as the main participants. Sultan Albarakati took charge as the team leader, with Tarek Shehata as the Deputy Leader.

These six students were up against 22 teams and 134 other students. The Saudi team surprised all other countries by bagging second place in the tournament. This exceeded expectations and took countries who believed they are much mathematically superior, by surprise.

The other countries included France, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Siberia, and Turkey. The team won six international awards: three gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals in the tournament. This was in addition to last year’s victory of another six awards: four silver medals, one gold medal, and one bronze medal.

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