Saudi Arabia Calls On All Iraqis To Unite To Save Their Country

Saudi Arabia has called on all stakeholders, especially the Iraq political forces to unite to preserve the country and its brotherly people.

Authorities lifted the curfew after Al-Sadr ordered protestors to withdraw

Riyadh / Baghdad — Saudi Arabia has called on all political forces and stakeholders in Iraq to unite to maintain the country’s and its brotherly people’s social and political gains. Foreign Ministry statement on Tuesday.

The statement read that the Kingdom supports all efforts to spare Iraq and its people the scourge of division and internal conflict.

Saudi Arabia has urged all political forces and concerned parties in Iraq to bring about peaceful solutions to the demands of the Iraqi people. The solution should guarantee the security, stability, and prosperity of Iraq and unite its people.

The Foreign Ministry said it’s following with great concern and interest the developments of the current events in Iraq. It expressed its regret over the actions that resulted in the death of several victims and injury to others.

Iraqi authorities on Tuesday lifted a curfew in Baghdad and all governorates while followers of the Sadrist movement began pulling out of public places, including “the green zone.”

The Iraqi security information department quoted a statement that the joint operations command statement announcing the end of curfew in Baghdad and the provinces.

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This ends all special precautionary measures enforced on Monday. Scores of Sadrists had rushed the “green zone” and the government buildings within.

The Al-Sadr activists resorted to violence, angered by the dramatic announcement by Moqtada Al-Sadr, of quitting politics. The ensuing violence saw gunfire exchanged between opposing groups.

But shortly earlier, local media reported that the Sadrists had begun withdrawing from public places and facilities such as the parliament building. At the same time, government security forces took positions at sensitive spots.

The violence and tension eased off shortly after Al-Sadr apologized to the Iraqi people for the outbreak of violence and urged his followers to disperse and stop acts of violence.

His call came after a chain of appeals from local and external quarters upon the influential cleric to help the authorities restore law and order.

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