Saudi Arabia Intends A Massive Desert SIDESCRAPER

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Crown Prince unveiled a 75 mi long, trillion$ skyscraper, The Mirror Line, taller than the Empire State Building with capacity of 5M people.

The Crown Prince unveiled a 75-mile-long, trillion-dollar skyscraper. The Mirror Line will be taller than the Empire State Building and have a capacity of five million people.

The Mirror Line is two 1,600 feet tall buildings that parallel each other across the desert, mountains, and the coast. 

When completed, the $1 trillion mega building will hold up to 5 million people, and people will be able to commute end-to-end in 20 minutes. 

Saudi Arabia has disclosed projects for a $1 trillion, 75-mile-long skyscraper made of mirrored glass that will extend across its desert and stand higher than the Empire State Building.

The Mirror Line project is a part of the desert city ‘Neom,’ as announced by the Saudi Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister in January 2021.

He did so after saying he desired his country to house a project that is iconic and timeless as the Pyramids of Egypt. 

“The Line project is a civilizational revolution that puts people first,” he said at the time. 

The Mirror Line will comprise two buildings 1,600 feet tall that run parallel to each other through 75 miles of desert, mountains, and along the coast. 

The Crown Prince said he wants the Mirror Line completed by 2030, although engineers estimate it could take 50 years.

The building project is enormous. It will sit on struts to account for the Earth’s curvature and will also have a high-speed train line running beneath its length.  

The skyscraper, when completed, will extend from the Gulf of Aqaba through the mountain range along the coast into a desert ‘aerotropolis.’ 

Crown Prince Salman also said that the project would accommodate a million residents. And an end-to-end journey of 20 minutes. It will reportedly run on renewable energy.  

The Mirror Line is planned to be a part of Noem, the desert city. The 75-mile-long skyscraper will house two 1,600 feet tall buildings parallel to each other. 

The Mirror Line will have its own vegetation, vertical farming, and a high-speed train. The project will create thousands of jobs. 

The building’s futuristic feature is a silver shine and an intricate inside, with stairwells, greenery, and homes to create a linear community. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the trillions-of-dollars project will house five million people after completion, with a high-speed train running beneath the buildings. The project also features a marina for boats housed under the arch of the building. 

Integrated vertical farming will feed the millions of residents. The residents will reportedly pay a subscription for three meals a day.

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Prince MBS insists the buildings will be carbon neutral and good for the local environment.  

The Line is located along the coast of the country. Living here won’t be hot, sticky, and sandy. The Mirror Line will feature a sports stadium raised a thousand feet above the ground. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is hopeful Neom will create thousands of new jobs. Allowing the oil-rich country to stop being dependent on the resource for wealth. 

The futuristic community is to rival the Egyptian Pyramids.  

The project’s completion date is 2030, but builders and urban planners labor to resolve different questions. The project’s initial date of completion was in 50 years. 

Engineers and planners are struggling to answer if residents would want to live in a high-rise building after the pandemic, the migration of animals and birds, and how to deal with the structure impacting groundwater flow.

Environmental planners view the sheer size and length of the Mirror Line could disrupt the migration patterns of birds. Adding the mirrored glaze of the building could disorient them—a challenge for the project’s planet-friendly stance. 

Saudi ingenuity is bound to find a solution to the questions and make this project the greatest engineering endeavor undertaken by man.

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