Saudi Arabia Calls an Extraordinary OIC Meeting on The Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan

OIC Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia, as chair of the Islamic Summit, has called upon the OIC for Afghanistan Situation

Riyadh— Afghanistan is faced with a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis this winter. Millions of Afghan women, children, and the elderly need immediate assistance, including shelter, food, and medicine.

Economic collapse and deterioration of living conditions will lead to further instability in Afghanistan, adversely affecting regional and international peace and security.

Guided by principles of Islamic solidarity, Saudi Arabia, as chair of the Islamic Summit; has called upon the OIC to urgently discuss the worsening humanitarian situation in the country and provide an urgent humanitarian response.

OIC Afghanistan

Pakistan will host this meeting in Islamabad on Dec. 17, 2021. Saudi Arabia looks forward to convening this urgent meeting and finding effective methods to deliver aid to the Afghan people.

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The Kingdom hopes this opportunity will demonstrate a collective stance on key principles. Including the importance of Afghanistan’s security and stability, preserving its territorial integrity, sovereignty, and freedom from external interference; and its rejection of terrorism in all its manifestations and at the same time; ensuring that Afghan territory is not used as a refuge or safe haven for terrorist and extremist groups.

OIC Afghanistan

This meeting will urge the Afghan interim government to abide by international norms and conventions, be more inclusive, and respect human rights and women’s rights to work and education as granted in Islam.

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