Saudi Arabia Sets Up a New Authority to Develop The ‘Red Sea Economy’

Red Sea economy tourism Saudiscoop
Red Sea's natural environment & its development will generate new job opportunities for Saudi citizens & help attract multi-national tourists.

Under the guidance of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; the Saudi Council of Ministers has approved the creation of a new authority to oversee the development of the ‘Red Sea economy.’

The Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA), chaired by Ahmed Al-Khateeb, the Minister of Tourism, will streamline regulation to enable the region’s sustainable development for the kingdom.

SRSA is mandated to ensure a “seamless tourist experience” by regulating marine tourism activities; such as cruises and yachting and enabling other recreational activities such as diving and sailing.

Red Sea economy tourism Saudiscoop

According to a statement, the SRSA’s activities will stimulate creating a “prosperous tourism economy along the Saudi Red Sea coastline; while preserving and protecting the sea’s pristine environment.”

The statement added that it would be responsible for encouraging investment and job creation; and support small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in marine recreational and tourism activities.

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Al-Khateeb said: “The SRSA’s objective is to enable a thriving tourism economy all along the Kingdom’s Red Sea shore; with sustainability at its heart, as guided by the vision of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

The Red Sea’s natural environment and its development will generate new job opportunities for Saudi citizens; and help attract international and domestic tourists, meeting the target of 100 million visitors by 2030.

Red Sea economy tourism Saudiscoop

The 1,760-kilometre pristine coastline of the Red Sea makes it a top destination within the kingdom and a critical factor in Saudi Arabia’s plans for sustainable development.

Experts believe the area will have a strong appeal for cruise liners, yachting, and leisure activities like diving and sailing.


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