Saudi Mission Issues New Guidelines For Visitors To Hong Kong And Macao

Saudi consulate in Hong Kong & Macao has told some amendment to regulation guidelines that visitors must adhere while entering the territories

Hong Kong: Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Hong Kong and Macao has revealed some amendments to regulations guidelines that visitors must adhere to while entering the territories.

The consulate said the local governments made the amendments in Hong Kong and Macao administrative regions.

Under the amendments, all Saudi citizens wishing to visit the two areas are obliged to follow five guidelines: the visitor must stay in quarantine for three days only, followed by self-monitoring for a period of four days.

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Visitors must conduct a PCR test for Covid-19 daily as part of self-examination during the four days.

According to the amendments, visitors are allowed during the self-monitoring period to go to stores and carry out some activities. Although visiting public places such as restaurants is prohibited.

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