The First Batch of Saudi Relief land-Bridge through Pakistan Arrives in Afghanistan

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The trucks represent the first batch of Saudi relief land-bridge that KSrelief had dispatched via Pakistan to help the affected people in Afghanistan

Kabul: A total of 16 trucks laden with 360 tons of food and shelter assistance arrived in Kabul from Pakistan on Wednesday. These trucks represent the first batch of the Saudi relief land-bridge that King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief); had dispatched from Pakistan to help the needy and affected people in Afghanistan.

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KSrelief delivered the shipment – which included 11,000 bags of flour, 5,500 food baskets, 3,593 blankets, and 3,072 winter bags; meant for various Afghan governorates – to the Afghan Red Crescent.

The Saudi relief land bridge contains 200 trucks loaded with 30,000 food baskets and 10,000 winter bags weighing 1,920 tons. It is launched in synchronization with launching an air bridge also dispatched by KSrelief on board six airplanes; carrying more than 197 tons of aid to help the brotherly Afghanistan people.

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