Third Eurasian Women’s Forum: Al-Ahmadi highlights Saudi women empowerment

Saudi women empowerment saudi scoop

Saint Petersburg, Russia — Dr. Hanan Bint Abdulrahim Al-Ahmadi, Assistant Speaker of the Shoura Council, said empowering women is a journey with no end line. However, the world is working extensively to achieve this goal.

During the forum’s opening session on its second day, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the participants stressing that the conference brings together women political leaders, businesswomen, and activists from the public sector worldwide.

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Al-Ahmadi said the final declaration and recommendations of the W20 emphasized the economic role of women, support for entrepreneurship, support for women to assume leadership positions, and other aspects of women’s empowerment.

She noted that women’s empowerment is a journey that has no end line. However, the world is working extensively to achieve women’s empowerment, stressing that Saudi women are proud of the march of women’s empowerment in the Kingdom.

She highlighted that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 had given Saudi women’s empowerment great attention, led by the Crown Prince. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030’s legislation supports the empowerment of women’s rights. That, Includes equal wages and job opportunities in all sectors, supporting women in leadership positions, and promoting women’s rights.

Al-Ahmadi commended the legislative movement in the Kingdom concerning women’s rights, including anti-harassment law, laws supporting women who provide for their families, and the right to freedom of movement.

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