Crown Prince Launches The Second Phase of Renovation of Historical Mosques

Jeddah – Crown Prince Salman, launched the second phase of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation.

Jeddah – Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, launched the second phase of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation.

The ambitious project targets the renovation and development of 130 historical mosques in various regions of the Kingdom.

The project’s second phase covers 30 historical mosques located in all the 13 provinces of the Kingdom. These include,

  • six mosques in the Riyadh region,
  • five mosques in the Makkah region,
  • four in the Madinah region,
  • three in the Asir region,
  • two each in the Eastern Province, Al-Jouf, and Jazan regions, and
  • one each in the Northern Border Region, Tabuk, Al-Baha, Najran, Hail, and areas of al-Qassim.

The mosques were chosen for renovation in the second phase based on their historical and heritage significance, related to the Prophet’s biography, the Islamic caliphate, or the history of Saudi Arabia.

The Crown Prince has directed the implementation of the project’s second phase by the Saudi companies specializing in heritage buildings with expertise in their respective field.

With the importance of involving Saudi engineers to ensure the preservation of the original urban identity of each mosque since its establishment.

The launch of the project’s second phase comes on the back of the first phase launched in 2018. The first phase included renovating and developing 30 historical mosques in 10 provinces at SR50 million.

These mosques carry a total capacity of around 4,400 worshipers. The construction of the most prominent historical mosque within the first phase dates back to the 1432 Hijri years.

Saudi companies, experienced and specializing in constructing and renovating heritage buildings, worked on the project’s first phase.

These companies ensured the involvement of Saudi engineers to affect the preservation of the original architecture. And the heritage identity of each mosque since its founding.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Project for Historical Mosques Renovation has four strategic goals:

  • Renovating historical mosques for worship and prayer
  • Restoring the urban originality of historical mosques
  • Highlighting the cultural dimension of Saudi Arabia
  • Enhancing the religious and cultural status of historical mosques

These renovation projects highlight the cultural and civilizational reach of Saudi Arabia that focuses on the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by preserving the original urban characteristics and benefiting from them in developing the design of modern mosques.

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