Shoura Member: The Saudization Index Should Focus On Jobs According To Qualification

Shoura Council, rate of Saudi employees in private sector should focus on placements fit to academic standards & educational qualifications.

Riyadh Dr. Rima Al-Yahya, a member of the Shoura Council, stressed the rate of Saudi employees (Saudization Index) in the private sector should focus on placements suitable to academic standards and educational qualifications.

She remarked during the council deliberations on the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development annual report for the fiscal year 1442/1443 AH.

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Aisha Zakri, another member, underscored the need for new legislation and regulations.

That allows all government and private employees to calculate part of their work hours in the remote work system. These calculations would be according to specific and clear conditions and controls.

On his part, Eng. Muhammad Al-Ali called on the ministry to play an influential supervisory role in controlling and preventing practices that violate the unified system’s regulations for women’s work environment.

He called for intensified monitoring and field follow-up of facilities to ensure they meet the system’s rules and requirements.

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Dr. Faisal Tomahi called on the ministry to instruct the private sector not to insist that Saudi job seekers who wish to join the labor market in the private sector have sufficient experience to take up any job (Saudization Index).

Dr. Sultana Al-Badawi, another member, called the ministry to consider the Saudi divorcee separate individuals.

Those with no children as independent beneficiaries. And not a dependent when allowing housing for them.

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