The Leadership Of The Global Digital Economy in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia leads the global digital economy.
Bridging the global digital gap is the way to achieve inclusiveness and prosperity of societies, Alswaha said.

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has the leadership of the list of countries that work in the global digital economy.

SPA reports, citing Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Alswaha during his speech to the G20 digital economy ministers’ meeting.

In this, he said that regulations in innovation must be flexible enough to restore creativity and keep in line with the changes made by global digital transformation.

Green Saudi Arabia and Green Middle East initiatives are an addition to investment in new environment-friendly industries and markets.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman initiated these Green Saudi Arabia and Green Middle East advantages.

NEOM City, the largest global platform for innovators, is an ideal example of merging regulation and innovation to attain well-being.

Not only this, but it also protects the environment through the enhancement of technology and innovation, Alswaha said.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia took part in a G20 digital economy event on Aug. 5.

In this event, ministers discussed critical issues about to global digital transformation ahead of a final statement.

The heads of states and governments at the Rome Summit endorsed this final statement.

The Kingdom has already noticed qualitative rewards in this regard.

Mainly the like minded approval of countries on a roadmap to obtain and define the digital economy and adapt artificial intelligence principles.

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