SR 10,000 Fine On Entering Holy Sites Without Hajj Permit

SR 10,000 Fine On Entering Holy Sites Without Hajj Permit
Saudi Arabia on Sunday announced that no one would be able to enter the Holy Sites in Mecca and Medina without a Hajj Permit. Violation of the ban will result in an SR 10,000 ($2,666) fine.

The holy sites include Mecca, Medinah, Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah, the Ministry of Interior stated. It further noted that these measures had been put in place in the wake of rising Coronavirus concerns. Violators found attempting entry again will be fined twice as heavily and may face charges. 

This update followed an earlier announcement that international Muslims are banned from Hajj altogether this year. Only 60,000 domestic pilgrims will be allowed entry to the Holy Sites and express permission to perform Hajj. 

The ban on the entry will start July 5th. This is only 13 days before the pilgrimage season this year, expected to begin on July 18th. Security personnel has been deployed on all roads leading to the Sites to prevent violation of the bans. The Ministry further elaborates that the personnel will be stationed and active on all streets and checkpoints. This is in inclusion to Sites themselves and corridors leading to the Grand Mosque. All measures are to prevent any attempt at unlawful entry. 

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