The Tourism Development Fund adopts cloud computing to improve services and investor support.

TDF and cloud computing
The $4-billion TDF fund will serve as a key driver to comprehensive touristy development in the country

RIYADH — The Tourism Development Fund (TDF) has announced the installation of cloud computing infrastructure applications in cooperation with Oracle Company. As per its endeavor to boost the Kingdom’s tourism and enable investors to benefit from the sector’s promising opportunities.

In a statement today, TDF said that implementing the Cloud Computing Strategy (CCS) would enhance data integration, increase productivity, reduce costs, unify and facilitate operations. It also ensure smooth communication with all stakeholders, including investors, donors, and governmental agencies.

TDF added that the cooperation with the world’s largest database management company would provide a full range of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. Which will enhance TDF’s services for companies promoting the Kingdom’s tourist attractions.

The statement said that among the Oracle Cloud applications recently installed were the Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Designed to enhance the automation and integration of the Fund’s basic functions, including core financial operations, human resources, and procurement.

The $4-billion TDF fund will serve as a key driver to comprehensive touristy development in the country. Aaiming to augment the contribution of the touristy sector in the GDP from 3% to 10%. It will create new jobs for citizens by the year 2030.

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