Top Saudi Projects of 2022

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Saudi Kingdom’s efforts to make daily life of its citizens easier through economic & environmental initiatives, falls under 2030 Vision Realization Program

The year 2021 was filled with achievements, and here is the Kingdom’s grandest effort to elevate the daily life of its citizens through economic diversification and environmental initiatives supporting sustainability. The many remarkable successes, which fall under the 2030 Vision Realization Program are,

The Green Initiative 

Saudi Arabia brought the world together to take action against climate change in the Middle East Green Summit, which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hosted as an extension of the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI). In addition, the youth Green Summit took place on Oct. 23rd 24th.

The initiative was a green roadmap that aimed to reduce the risks, improve livelihoods, and preserve the environment. The project defines the Kingdom’s resolve towards sustainable development and a global transition to a low carbon future.

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Four New Laws 

The Crown Prince announced four laws representing the wave of reform of the Kingdom’s judicial institutions. Reforms to the Personal Status Law, the Civil Transactions Law, the Penal Code for Discretionary Sanctions, and the Law of Evidence will help ensure the consistency of legal references limiting discrepancies in court rulings.

The OXAGON Industry City 

NEOM Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the largest floating industrial complex globally. The project forms a radical new model for future manufacturing centers.

OXAGON, with the latest artificial intelligence technologies, will contribute to redefining global industrial development in the future. Additionally, it will be the catalyst for economic growth and diversity in the Kingdom, further meeting the ambitions of Vision 2030.

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NEOM: The Line 

NEOM — Announced in January last year, THE LINE will revolutionize urban living, and NEOM will be the blueprint for livIng on the planet. This futuristic city addresses some of the world’s most pressing challenges of climate change, urban sprawl, traffic congestion, and social disconnection.

The LINE plays a massive role in stimulating economic diversification, contributing ($48bn) to domestic GDP, and creating 380,000 new jobs. By 2030 Vision, the project will home more than 1 million residents and 5 million tourists who will enjoy an enhanced state of well-being with nature being integrated.

The infrastructure also offers high-speed, automated mass transit, and autonomous mobility solutions that will make travel easier. In addition, the LINE’s communities will be cognitive, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), continuously learning predictive ways to make life easier, along with the agricultural areas which will support food production that’s locally grown and sustainable.

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