WWE Superstars teach Cyberbullying defense at ‘Be a Star’ Event at Riyadh Season 2021

Crown Jewel-Cyberbullying
"WWE Crown Jewel," has arranged an awareness event to battle cyber bullying under the motto "Be A Star."

Riyadh – At a leadership event displaying the insight of Riyadh Season 2021. In conducting its social responsibility along with organizing and hosting the most prominent world entertainment events. The officials responsible for the most famous event these days, “WWE Crown Jewel,” has arranged an awareness event to battle cyberbullying under the motto “Be A Star.”

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The program aims at guiding children to the appropriate methods to deal with negative responses on social media. Taking advantage of this age group’s passion for WWE Superstars to deliver targeted messages to educate young people.

Crown Jewel Cyberbullying

The stars participating in the event encouraged the children to believe in their abilities, know their most obvious strengths. Heighten their self-confidence, giving positive messages and direction for children to handle in the best way any negative responses in all social media.

The event was visited by many children and school students. Who mixed with their favorite WWE Superstars, showing their joy at the wrestlers’ presence. Fulfillment of their wish they had always fantasized of meeting these stars and getting to know them closely.

The children thanked the WWE Superstars for their positive advice and help in countering cyberbullying. And dealing with negative messages and responses on social media positively.

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