At Yanbu Port, Pollution Was Brought Under Control By Oil Spills

Pollution brought on by oil leaks at the King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu has greatly reduced. According to Abdullah Al-Mutairi, NCMMEC.

Jeddah — The pollution brought on by oil leaks at the King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu has significantly reduced. Abdullah Al-Mutairi, a National Center for Monitoring Environmental Compliance representative, said.

“Pollution control and air, marine, and coastal surveillance efforts are in progress. Using the newest satellite-based remote sensing technology,”.

Al-Mutairi reported that the Yanbu Port authorities had given the center a report. Regarding the tracking of pollution brought on by an oil leak that occurred on October 1 at around 11:00 am.

The Yanbu Royal Commission’s Environmental Protection Department and the Border Guards got subsequently surveyed.

To confirm the existence of several impacted locations. The relevant teams and authorities launched their significant operation to control the pollution.

Eng. Omar Taha, director general of the Madinah facility, oversaw the Environmental Emergency Operations Room, which operated round-the-clock.

All necessary governmental, security and business organizations are taking part. According to the center’s statement, to control the pollutants.

At the center, the environmental emergency teams also activated maritime, air, and coastal activities. The Yanbu Industrial City’s Environmental Protection Department also participated in the Royal Commission.

The Yanbu Municipality, the Aviation and Desalination Security wings, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, and the Border Guards.

With the assistance of various security, governmental, and business sectors in the area, the Mayoralty of Madinah served as their representative.

The critical environmental centers took part in the surveys as well. To guarantee the security of the local plants and fauna in the places where pollution got seen.

By applying methods and tools designed to handle such environmental crises, work is getting done to control pollution.

They were working with a team of professionals and specialists. Such situations restrict the spread of pollution and beach access to it.

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