Netflix Has Announced The Second Season Of Squid Game!

Both critically acclaimed & fan-favorite show Squid Game is coming back for season 2 and it will be released by Netflix, Director Dong-hyuk.

Both critically acclaimed and fan-favorite show “Squid Game” is coming back for season 2. Netflix announced the renewal of one of their most hit shows up to date with a post on their socials. 

Squid Games’ season one was released in the September of 2021. It immediately drew attention, becoming a global hit.

The series shows multiple people, most struggling financially, playing six competitive games to win a huge prize; money.

Gaining popularity, many people started mimicking the games from the show. Incorporating their themes into games, they play themselves.

Additionally, the audience liked specific characters and the different sets used. Also, how simple games were played differently, with high stakes!

Writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk gave an insight into a few details about the second season in a letter released by Netflix.

It was announced that Gi-hun will return, and so will the Front Man. There also was a tease implying that ‘the man in the suit with ddakji’ might be back.

Further, fans also find that they will be introduced to Young – hee’s ( the doll present in one of the games in the series) boyfriend, Cheol – Su.

We don’t know how lengthy this season will be, if it will also be nine episodes, matching the first season, or if it will be more or less.

We also don’t know when the second season will drop. A trailer is yet to be released. The first season took twelve years of planning to execute and sure was worth the wait, but we hope the second season comes out much more swiftly!

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Many people watched the first season after the announcement for the second was out. Allowing them to be one of the many people part of the fanbase of this sensational show.

Although many of the previous cast won’t be a part of this season, the storyline is what keeps the buzz of the show alive. People also look forward to seeing what new themes are introduced this time.

After many of the last season’s points were turned into costumes, memes, plays, and jokes, fans of the show are excited to see what new is in store this time! 

Get a chance to be a part of ‘real life’ Squid Games!

Yes, you read that right; Netflix is hosting a version where people can apply to be a part of the Squid Games.

456 People will rigorously compete to get a chance to take home a whopping $4.56 Million! People worldwide can apply and try to get an opportunity to be in the game.

A few of the requirements can be accessed through a link mentioned in a post by Netflix. One of them is that the people applying must be English speakers.

A few more requirements read that the person must be 21 or over. It is crucial to have a valid passport. Additional information can be found on website.

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Additionally, prospective players have to submit a one-minute video. In the video, the people should also tell what they intend to do with the money if they win.

Also, what their game plan is. And there should be no filters on the video. Other than that, a headshot photo and a simple one of the player’s face are also required.

If you think you are one of those people who can ace the games, then this is the time to put it to the test! The stakes are higher than they have ever been before.

As Netflix said, “win or lose, all players will leave unscathed. But if you win, you win big!”  

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