Qatar To Use World Cup As A Springboard For The 2036 Olympics Bid

Qatar considers FIFA World Cup to have gone well enough to springboard its bid attempt to host the biggest sporting event, Olympics 2036.

Qatar will need to build a new Olympic stadium as the capacity at the Khalifa International Stadium is limited. Additional countries predicted to bid for the 2036 Olympics Games are India, Indonesia, and Turkey.

  • The country believes it has shown it can stage the grandest sporting event
  • There is a possibility of a joint bid with Saudi Arabia

Next stop: Olympics 2036 

Qatar considers the FIFA World Cup to have gone well enough to springboard its attempt to host the biggest and the grandest sporting event, the Olympics 2036.

Scribes believe Qatar is ready to flex its muscles. And once more bid to stage the Olympics Games in the autumn of 2036. It has failed in its previous three attempts in the past.

IOC’s past reluctance

Those earlier bids fell short partly due to the International Olympic Committee’s skepticism that such a small country could develop the infrastructure required to stage such a mega event.

An Olympics event attracts 10,500 athletes across 32 sports and millions of spectators. 

Qatar’s Optimism and Challenges

The success of the FIFA World Cup has strengthened the growing optimism in Doha that this World Cup is proof of the pudding for the IOC. World Cup asserts Qatar can deliver an Olympics-style event with multiple venues in one major city.

As it appears, Qatar wants to go at it alone at this stage. But there will likely be people in Olympic circles who will pressure Qatar’s Olympics Committee to bid for a joint Middle East 2036 event with Saudi Arabia. 

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Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, posed with a Saudi flag after the Saudi victory over eventual champions Argentina at this World Cup. Perhaps a sign of things to come.

The Emir of Qatar became a member of the IOC in 2002.

Qatar Climate

Qatar’s climate is too hot to host a sporting event during the summer. The event would have to shift to autumn. 

A Summer Olympics in autumn has happened in the past. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics began on 10 October, while Seoul 1988 and Sydney 2000 kicked off in mid-September.

Air-conditioned Stadiums

Qatar will have to expand its use of air-conditioned stadiums to other outdoor venues too. The experiment proved very successful during World Cup 2022.

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This strategy would allow it to avoid the difficulty that spoiled the women’s marathon at the 2019 World Athletics Championships. Nearly half the field fell out due to the humidity and high heat despite the race starting by the sea close to midnight.


The LGBTQ community could dent Qatar’s optimism amid the multiple challenges it would inevitably face.

The Olympic LGBTQ community is much bigger than football and more likely to express a more profound unease at the possibility of participating in an Olympic event staged in a country where being gay is criminalized.

Other challenges

The IOC would also like to avoid facing any of its sponsors having their products removed just days before the Games begin. A situation Budweiser encountered after the Qatari alcohol ban on stadium spectators. 

The IOC president, Thomas Bach, is thought only to be lukewarm to a Qatar bid. However, he will step down in 2025, a year before the decision on the 2036 Games venue is likely to be made.

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Logistical challenges will also include hosting a mountain bike competition in a country with the highest point, 338 feet above sea level. Qatar, however, will argue that much of the infrastructure, stadiums, & accommodation. The transport is already in place to stage the mega event.

Qatar will need a new and larger main stadium, given the 2019 World Athletics Championships. Khalifa International Stadium is not large enough for a main Olympic stadium. It has a capacity of just 45,000 spectators.

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