“Rage On The Red Sea” Ticket Sales Were Through The Roof

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Jeddah — The ticket sales for the "Rage On the Red Sea" is the highest for any sporting event hosted by Saudi Arabia besides Football.

Highest grossing sporting event in Saudi Arabia, besides Football

Jeddah — The ticket sales for the “Rage On the Red Sea” is the highest for any sporting event hosted by Saudi Arabia besides Football. Reports quoted the President of the Saudi Boxing Federation, Abdullah Al-Harbi.

Al-Harbi made the statement on the sidelines of the pre-fight press conference of Anthony Joshua and defending champion Oleksandr Usyk in Jeddah on Saturday.

He said about 40,000 spectators had bought their tickets for the much-awaited event that millions worldwide will watch live.

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Al-Harbi said spectators from 60 countries have purchased their tickets and applied for visas to watch the Saturday night event in person.

Rage on The Red Sea rematch for the heavyweight championship rematch is the currently biggest followed sports event globally.

The match scheduled for August 20 in Jeddah is one of the most awaited fights in the world. Al-Harbi said that people consider this fight one of the best sporting events they can watch and enjoy.

He said Saturday’s fight would bring together athletes from around the world in Saudi Arabia.

Multiple channels will cover the event. The expected viewership of the event is over 100 million homes worldwide.

Al-Harbi was asked about the absence of Ramla Ali and Crystal Garcia Nova from the first professional female boxing match preceding the big fight. He replied that there were no reservations about the presence of female boxers.

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Al-Harbi said hosting a women’s event at the professional level in Saudi Arabia is considered an event by itself. He added that the event was promoted as the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

The two female boxers have been here in Jeddah for more than three days. Al-Harbi said that Ramla Ali has interacted with over 30 Saudi female boxers.

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She supported the Saudi female boxers. She had sparing sessions with them to publicize the sport in the women’s community of Saudi Arabia.

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