Ronaldo Puts Four Past Al-Wehda to Reach 500 Career League Goals

In an absolute mayhem of a match, Ronaldo steals the highlight as his 4-goal haul sets the tone for his time at Al Nassr.

In an absolute mayhem of a match, Ronaldo steals the highlight as his 4-goal haul sets the tone for his time at Al Nassr.

Al Nassr sees off Al Wehda in the blink of an eye as the league leader disposes of a side struggling to stay above the relegation zone. Al Nassr was in good form coming to this match with 3 points off the lead with two games in hand. This victory puts them on level pegging with the second-placed Al Shabab, who are behind because of their smaller goal difference.

The match began with Al Nassr dominating the possession while the other side relied on long balls and counters to break the pressure. But chances came to nothing as Ronaldo was the lone striker, bullied by the four defenders. Nonetheless, the constant control of the game from Al Nassr paid dividends when Ronaldo shot from a tight angle on his left foot, his shot too quick for the keeper to stop. 

Ronaldo is celebrating his 500th career league goal and 2nd for Al Nassr*

The landmark goal helped Ronaldo reach 500 career goals, a milestone he shares with few players in history and no active player. It accounts for all the goals he scored in the Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and now the Saudi league, most of which came from his time at Real Madrid. His SIU celebration lit up the crowd as the Saudi fans will soon get used to the trademark celebration.

He used the momentum to bolster the opponents with many more successive attacks as yet another through ball played to him ended up in the net. His run off the shoulder’s defender, making it difficult to mark, allowed him to get into space as he fired his right-footed shot home, nutmegging the keeper.

He completed his penalty from the penalty spot as a mistimed jump from a defender struck the ball on his hand. He flexed his poacher instinct on his fourth goal, where the keeper blocked his first shot. But the follow-up landed right into his feet, which he dispatched with ease.


Ronaldo’s first goal: a left-footed shot from a narrow angle*

Al Nassr has had shaky form recently, drawing 2 out of their last 3 games and losing out on the Saudi Super Cup. Such a victory was required to cement their place at the top of the league and a force within the region, as their superstar showed off his prowess, even at 38 years of age.


Ronaldo stepping up to take the penalty, which he buried in the bottom left corner*

This may be a breath of fresh air for Ronaldo, who has had a dismal first half of the season. Although he scored 22 goals last season, the striker could only add one more to his tally with the Red Devils this season.

His interview with Piers Morgan and subsequent behavior with the manager left the Portuguese without a contract during the World Cup, then joining the Saudi side.

Is this where Ronaldo turns his luck around for the most disappointing season of his career?

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