Apple introduces AirTag 3- With a Price Tag of $ 29

29$ gadget - Apple AirTags tracks your stuff with a Bluetooth range of roughly 30 feet from your phone

Apple launched the Airtag 3 tracking device a month back, covering about one billion devices worldwide via “Find My service”.

The Find My service is an encrypted network available on about one billion Apple devices, which will work with AirTag devices.

During an event called Spring Loaded, Apple organized an event to announce several products in line with the predictions and speculations that have spread recently.

The company finally revealed this product that many have been waiting for for a long time, which is a lost object tracker, where you can, for example, put it in the keychain.

If the keys are lost or fall into the sofa, you can track them through AirTags via the Find My application.

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This device has the advantage of tracking things only and cannot track humans d to protect privacy and not intrude on others.

The mini disc-like AirTags can also be attached to anything like a bag, phone, or even pets for you when you are not around.

And AirTag costs about $ 29, and Apple offers the option to buy 4 of them for $ 99.

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