Misk’s Youth Impact Council Initiative

Misk, Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation, Crown Prince launched its Youth Impact Council Initiative in Riyadh to support the growth of youth.

Riyadh — Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation “Misk” launched a new project in Riyadh in Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Non-Profit City.

On Friday, “Misk“, the “Youth Impact Council Initiative” was established as the first platform supporting the growth of youth organizations.

The program will provide support by providing a suitable environment. It will share experiences and information that help organizations in the non-profit sector to make them better sustainable and effective.

The support will enhance connectivity between workers in this sector. And creates new opportunities to maximize the impact of quality youth organizations.

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The Youth Non-Profit Organizations Initiative will include non-profit associations and institutions. It will bring in experts and specialists from the non-profit, governmental, and private sectors.

And volunteers in Misk Youth Impact programs and organizations developed through the Youth Non-Profit Organizations Building Program of the track “Misk for Community.”

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation “Misk” has also launched a Youth Non-Profit Organizations Incubator Program. This program, Incubator 2022, represents the launch of the second batch of the Youth Non-Profit Organizations.

It showcases the opportunities available for Misk Youth Impact initiatives and newly established associations to accelerate their growth and expansion and increase their impact.

Out of 226 entities participating in the program, seven startups and two established associations will begin their journey in the program for guidance and direction on Sunday.

These include:

  1. The Digital Games Association,
  2. The Robo Tuwaiq initiative,
  3. The Wassila platform initiative,
  4. The specific community initiative, 
  5. The Rawasi Youth initiative, 
  6. The Saudi initiative For Nanotechnology,
  7. Tarim Association,
  8. Hijaz Bloggers Initiative, 
  9. Theatrical Production Initiative.

The three-month program for non-profit youth organizations entails a training course on the “Misk Hub” platform. The program aims to develop the services of the participating parties and build their various organizational capacities in multiple aspects.

These include managing development projects, human resource management, governance, financial sustainability, communication, increasing impact, and measuring it.

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The program’s closing ceremony will be a presentation event in November for all participants to measure the program’s impact and celebrate the efforts made during the journey.

Participants will present their youth community projects to obtain financial support from the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk.”

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