Y-Brush, The upgraded 10-second toothbrush

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New Y-Brush design has RFID chip & Bluetooth, which connect to app to track brushing habit & give suggestion to improve your brushing practice

French company Y-Brush shows off its concept for the next-generation toothbrush at CES 2022.

The remarkable thing about CES is seeing a yet unknown company with a great idea produce an actual successful product and then witnessing that company return years later with a concept for a new product. That’s the case with Y-Brush, produced by the French company of the same name. The unusual-looking toothbrush that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds debuted at CES in 2017. Since then, the Y-Brush has moved into production and is presently on sale in over 50 countries.

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This week, the dental company returned to CES with an ideal design for a next-gen toothbrush. And from what was shown, the new design is an improvement on the original.

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Unlike “big dental” labels like Colgate and Oral-B, the Y-Brush enhances the experience of brushing your teeth while saving you time. The initial Y-Brush got its name from the Y-shape of the brush head and handle. The brush head resembles a sports mouthguard filled with nylon bristles. A motor inside the grip vibrates the brush head to scour your teeth on the top or bottom, one jaw at a time. But, instead of moving the tiny head of a regular toothbrush from tooth to tooth for two minutes, the Y-Brush scrubs each half of your mouth in five seconds.

And it works; people have been using the Y-Brush as their main toothbrush for nearly a year. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not without some flaws, which the new design appears to address. As an example, the handle of the original Y-Brush has a distinctive trapezoid form with squared-off sides, which is a little uncomfortable to grip. The new handle is round and tapered. The base of the handle is also broader, which, since you store the brush upright, doesn’t knock over easily.

But the most significant refinement comes in the way you use the new design. With the initial Y-Brush, you’d place it on your mouth’s top or bottom half and munch as the bristles vibrated. Then, slowly turning the brush helps it clean closer to your gum line. You are only required to move the brush right and left with the new design.

Designs and Vibration Modes

The new design brings with it six vibration modes that let you dial in your chosen sensitivity:

  • Clean mode, on by default
  • Gum care mode for gum stimulation
  • Whitening mode
  • Extra clean mode removes stains
  • Sensitive gums mode for gingivitis
  • Polish mode

The new Y-Brush design also includes an RFID chip and Bluetooth, which permits it to connect to a mobile app to track brushing habits and give suggestions to improve your brushing practice.

Beyond sharing the vision, Y-Brush didn’t announce when the new design would go on sale. But as the new design goes through changes and iterations, you can still buy the original Y-Brush meanwhile.

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