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Uqair Beach, Saudi Arabia: Your Ultimate Seaside Escape

LifestyleUqair Beach, Saudi Arabia: Your Ultimate Seaside Escape

Uqair Beach is among the few tourist attractions in Al-Ahsa. It is located 25 km north of Uqair Fort, a historical place you can visit on your way to the beach.

Moreover, Uqair Beach is quite long, stretching over an area that is 2.5 km long and 70 m wide. Therefore, it provides the perfect place for you to go for long walks or picnics with your loved ones.

It is also located far from the city, which enhances the serene and calm environment of the beach.

Also, barbeque stands are available on the beach, so you can even have a barbeque party with your family at Uqair Beach.

You can also find ancient stone constructions built around 100m from the beach.

These are perfect for lying in the shade while enjoying the sea view with high temperatures. There are chairs on the beach and ample space for children to play.

Moreover, the beach is far from the city, so you will find fewer people. This will, therefore, make you feel as if you are on a private beach without paying the high membership fee.

On the other hand, Uqair Beach is the perfect spot for fishing; therefore, bring your fishing equipment. Apart from other fish, crabs are widely found at Uqair Beach.

Tips to remember while visiting Uqair Beach

  • Being far from the city also means there are no shops nearby. Along with shops, there are no cafes, petrol pumps, or hotels nearby.
  • Therefore, come prepared with food, water, and a full car fuel tank while visiting Uqair Beach.
  • Also, you can go swimming only in certain areas. Many areas at the beach have a sign warning you not to go swimming despite the shallow sea.
  • It is best to avoid those areas and only swim in the ones where it is permitted to swim.

If you are looking for a place to unwind and relax, have a picnic with your family, or enjoy the scenic beauty of the ocean while not having others invade your privacy, you should check out Uqair Beach.

However, make sure you visit during winter (from November to January) to get the best experience without the blazing summer heat.