About Saudi Scoop

Who are we?

The Saudi Scoop family is a close-knit community of professionals, utterly dedicated to providing nothing but the best to our readers.

This blog is a creative epiphany, coming into existence after many sleepless nights and hours of hard work. As a result, from reporting local news or helpful little tricks that ex-pats may want to share with the world, our blog is here to help.

What do we do?

Here at Saudi Scoop, we are devoted to spreading information worthy of consumption.

This blog is not just a spur-of-the-moment kind of idea! It has years of work behind it, and we are absolutely committed to keeping it healthy and enjoyable.

This blog serves to bring forth the true image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – a religious AND progressive country. It’s our responsibility to spread the message of harmony because we love Saudi Arabia.

This blog highlights the best of KSA, for instance, from the undying love for cars to the increase in technology, awareness for better health, and the need for a sustainable lifestyle.

There is also a separate section that explains the laws and rules that are expected to be followed in the country. 

All perfected to the such that any new-timers to the kingdom can jump to this section and instantly be aware.

Why choose Saudi Scoop?

This is not your regular blog with the glitters of everyday mundane life. We strive to bring creative and pleasant content that is both entertaining and educating.

We have several categories of articles to choose from and all-important news that you can access with a single click.

What is more, you ask? Our community of writers is based on a massive variety of people from all walks of life. Both expatriates and locals are willing to pour their experiences out on the page, which is both an exciting read and a learning experience.

About the Editor

Mubashir is living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since 1980. By profession, he belongs to the IT world.