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Life in Saudi Arabia For Expats

LifestyleLife in Saudi Arabia For Expats

Saudi Arabia is an exciting place to live. With over 20 million tourists on average per annum, we can say something is pulling people close to this Country. 

This article explores the many aspects, perks, and know-how of living in Saudi Arabia. 

Table of contents

  1. Perks of living in Saudi Arabia
  2. Things to know about Saudi Arabia
  3. Popular sports in Saudi Arabia
  4. Popular places to visit in Saudi Arabia
  5. Here are some places which you can visit while in Saudi Arabia
  6. Life of An expats in KSA

Perks of living in Saudi Arabia

Well-established economy: 

Many people move to have a better life in Saudi Arabia since it has a decent economy. Petroleum and oil dominate Saudi Arabia. There are many job opportunities for young graduates. 

The job market is decent, and many international companies are interested in the Country due to its resources. Overall, it is a promising country with excellent career prospects.

Tourism is easy: 

Saudi Arabia is close to many countries, such as UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, etc. This makes traveling more convenient and relatively less costly. 

It also means that traveling to, say, the USA or Australia would not take ample time since Saudi Arabia is known to be in the middle of the world.

Strict law enforcement:

This is another good reason this Country is an excellent place to live. Saudi Arabia, especially in recent times, has enhanced their security. 

The crime rates are meager, and there are few safety threats. Additionally, police and other such officials are exceptionally equipped for any needs.

Moreover, in a survey, Riyadh was among the top 50 safest countries in the world.

High education standards:

Saudi Arabia has commendable schools and universities. Saudis give significant importance to education. Many schools offer various subjects, and university degrees are globally recognized.

In a 2020 survey, it was seen that the literacy rate in Saudi Arabia was 97.5%. 

Perks of earning: 

Usually, an employer can quickly get up to 30 days of paid leave. Additionally, if you are an expat, there is a high chance that your employer will pay for round visits you take to your home country once or twice a year. 

Perhaps the best part is that there is no income tax. Yes! You heard that right. You have to pay no income tax at all.

This is refreshing for many people since many countries take as much as 30% of a person’s pay for the tax.

Things to know about Saudi Arabia

Like every Country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a few rules and customs that one must abide by. If you plan to relocate there, knowing that the laws will be strictly based on Islamic principles and Sharia law is crucial. 

Additionally, if you are someone who consumes alcohol and pork, both of them are banned, and there is severe punishment if anyone tries to sell or purchase such eatables.

Another vital element is the climate. There is scorching heat almost yearly, except for 2 – 3 months.

Weather records up to 55 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees are pretty standard. The air is primarily arid, and the nights are hardly windy. 

However, with air conditioners readily available, it is not that big of an issue. And one does get used to the different climate eventually. 

The capital city is Riyadh. The currency used and accepted is Saudi Riyal. If you plan to visit, it is wise to convert your money to Riyal.

The dialing code is +966, and the emergency numbers are 999 (police), 997 (ambulance), and 998 (firefighters). 

The national language is Arabic. Knowing a bit of Arabic is good since some Saudi locals may find it easier to interact with you.

However, English is also widely spoken, and you can get around with just knowing English.

If you plan to relocate, you must arrange your health insurance and residency and see nearby spots near your living space. Many employers offer residence to expats. 

Commonly, there are compounds where workers all live. Such compounds offer many facilities relating to sports and leisure.

This makes it easier for people unfamiliar with the Country and places. 

Recently, there has been a lot of focus on sports and recreational activities in Saudi Arabia. Nationals and expats now have many opportunities to play sports.

Different teams have also been recruited and have gone on to play internationally. 

Camel Racing:

Camel racing is unarguably one of the oldest sports in Saudi Arabia and is loved by both locals and foreigners.

It is a delight to watch. Thousands of camels compete in many races held annually. 

In addition to races, camel beauty pageants are also held, where camels are pitted against each other based on their features.

There are great places to watch a camel race, such as Taif Square, Janadriya Riyadh, and many more. 


Football is a sport that has won the hearts of many people living in Saudi Arabia. It is also said to be the most popular sport in the Country, with many new clubs and exquisite coaches to polish up players’ skills. 

National clubs are gaining popularity, and many are keen to be good at this sport to open up further opportunities. 


Cricket is another sport which people now commonly play. A lot of the credit for this goes to the expats in the country who have a deep interest in the sport. 

Many people enjoy watching cricket matches and trying their hand at playing the sport. Along with the expats, local Saudis have also merged into the teams. 

If you enjoy sports, you will have a few options and opportunities while living and staying in Saudi Arabia. 

Exploring their local sports and seeing what the locals enjoy the most is always great. You may end up loving them as well!

If you plan to visit for tourism, it is better to go in the winter when the temperature is decent. Many