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How to Cancel a SIM Card Under Iqama in Saudi Arabia

TechHow to Cancel a SIM Card Under Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Whether you are moving out of the kingdom or simply want to manage the number of SIM cards registered under your name, you may need to cancel or permanently deactivate your active SIM cards. This article explains how you can cancel a SIM card in Saudi Arabia.

How Can a User Cancel His or Her SIM Cards in Saudi Arabia?

The process for canceling prepaid and postpaid lines in Saudi Arabia differs.

Prepaid Lines: Prepaid lines are automatically terminated if they have not been used for a specific period. This is convenient for users who no longer need the SIM card and have not used it for some time.

Postpaid Lines: For postpaid lines, the process is more involved. You must settle any outstanding bills and then make a formal request to cancel the line. This ensures that all dues are cleared before the cancellation.

Steps to Cancel an Active SIM Card

To cancel an active SIM card in Saudi Arabia, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Telecom Operator’s Store: Go to the nearest store of your telecom operator. Make sure to carry your original ID, as it will be required for verification purposes.
  2. Settle Any Dues: Ensure that all outstanding bills are paid if you are using a postpaid line. This is a necessary step before you can request the cancellation of your SIM card.
  3. Request Cancellation: Once at the store, inform the customer service representative of your intent to cancel the SIM card. They will guide you through the necessary paperwork and procedures to finalize the cancellation.

Helpline Numbers

Having the helpline numbers of cellular network providers can be very useful. You can notify them of any unauthorized SIMs registered in your name or seek assistance in canceling your SIM card. Here are the customer care numbers for the major networks operating in Saudi Arabia:

  • STC: 900 / 114555555
  • Zain: 959 / 0590000959
  • Mobily: 1100 / 0560101100
  • Lebara: 1755 / 0576001755
  • Friendi: 166000 / 0571166000
  • Virgin Mobile: 1789

Cancel the SIM Card on Iqama by Visiting an Office

For those who prefer in-person assistance, you can visit the offices of STC, Mobily, Zain, or any other cellular company to cancel the SIM cards registered on your Iqama. Here are the store locator links for the major providers:

  • STC Store Locator: STC Stores
  • Mobily Store Locator: Mobily Stores
  • Zain Store Locator: Zain Stores

Register an Online Complaint with CITC

Suppose you discover that the cellular company has taken no action on your request to cancel a SIM card registered under your Iqama. In that case, you can escalate the issue with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC). Here’s how to register an online complaint:

  1. Open the CITC Website: Visit the official CITC website to start the complaint process.
  2. Navigate to ‘Individuals’: Scroll down and click on the “Individuals” section to proceed with your complaint.
  3. Start the Service: Click on the “Start Service” button to begin the complaint registration process.
  4. Enter Your Iqama Number: Provide your Iqama number for identification purposes.
  5. Approve the Nafath Request: Follow the prompts to approve the Nafath request, which will authenticate your complaint.


Canceling a SIM card in Saudi Arabia involves different processes depending on whether you have a prepaid or postpaid line. While prepaid lines may automatically terminate after a period of inactivity, postpaid lines require you to clear any outstanding dues and formally request cancellation. 

By visiting your telecom operator’s store with your original ID or escalating unresolved issues to CITC, you can efficiently manage and cancel SIM cards registered under your Iqama. Keep the helpline numbers of your network providers handy for any immediate assistance or inquiries.

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