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Crescent Sighting: Eid al-Fitr Declared for April 10th 2024 in Saudi Arabia

Eid al-Fitr declared for April 10th in Saudi Arabia as crescent moon sighting for Shawwal 1445 remains elusive. Ramadan extends to 30 days.

Your Guide To Saudi Education Visa

Navigate the Saudi education visa process with ease. Learn about eligibility, applications, and scholarships, making your dream of studying in Saudi Arabia a reality.

Treyam Lagoon: Where Desert Meets Sea

Bringing you the thrill and joy of the cool lagoon to Saudi Arabia's iconic desert views, Treyam Lagoon is set to be one of the best tourist destinations of the decade. 

A Ski Paradise in the Arabian Desert: Unveiling Trojena Ski Village

Trojena Ski Village is the newest, and by far the biggest, Saudi revelation. With year-round activities, a perfect tourist destination, and an architect’s dream, Trojena has something for everyone. 

Riyadh Air Takes Off in 2025

Celebrate Riyadh Air's 1st anniversary March 12th 2024. Learn about their journey & plans for commercial flights by 2025.


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Eid Al Fitr is expected to be in Saudi Arabia on April 10, 2024

Get ready! Eid Al Fitr anticipated in Saudi Arabia on April 10, 2024. Stay informed with us.

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