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Check Mobily Balance in Saudi Arabia | All Methods

TechCheck Mobily Balance in Saudi Arabia | All Methods

Mobily is one of the most running and famous telecommunication companies in Saudi Arabia. KSA welcomes thousands of people from across the world every month. 

Mobily offers various prepaid and postpaid internet packages suitable for your needs.

All people need a sim card for communication purposes as new people don’t know how to operate sim cards and how to check credits.

This article will tell you the ways by which you can track credit in your mobily sim and will also tell you how to use the USSD code, SMS, and call the helpline to verify your Mobily balance in KSA.

Ways To Check Your Mobily Balance

There are four ways to check; 

Mobily Balance Via USSD Code:

  • The easiest way to check mobily balance is through a code given by the company. 
  • Dial *1411# and press the call button. 
  • The system automatically checks your credit and shows your account balance details.  

Check Mobily Balance Via SMS: 

  • The second option to check your mobily credit is by sending an SMS. 
  • Go to messages, create a new message, type in “1,” and send it to 1411.
  • Immediately after sending the message, you will get an SMS containing all the details of your mobily balance. 
  • However, it needs to be confirmed whether the company charges for SMS.

Find Mobily Balance Via Application: 

  • If you have a Wi-Fi connection, this method will be more feasible for you. 
  • You have to go to the *Play Store* or the iOS *Appstore* and search ‘Mobily.’ *Download* the application.
  • Then, sign in with your phone number and go to the Dashboard to check all the credits.
  • Moreover, the application will also tell you about your internet package details, minutes left, etc. 

Check Mobily Balance Via Helpline: 

  • This method is a bit more hectic than the other one’s. 
  • You must call the helpline by dialing 1100 from your mobile and pressing *2* to check your mobily balance.
  • The system will automatically tell you about your mobily balance.  

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How To Check Internet Credits in Mobily? 

There are the following ways to check your Mobily internet balance. 

Check Mobily Internet Data Via SMS: 

  • To check the remaining mobily ‘Internet data’ via SMS, dial *1411*1# through your mobile.
  • Automatically, the system will check in seconds, and all the details of the remaining internet data will be shown on your mobile phone’s screen. 

Find Mobily Internet Data Via Application: 

  • The second and most convenient way to check your internet balance is by downloading the mobily application. 
  • Go to the Play Store or the iOS app store and download the application. 
  • Open the Dashboard, and complete information about your internet balance, offers, etc., will be shown.  

Check Mobily Internet Data Via Helpline:

  • This option is a bit time-consuming but also an easy one. 
  • To check your Mobily internet balance, call Mobily’s helpline number. 
  • Dial 1100, and the system will take a few seconds to process the information, and then all of the internet data details will appear on your screen.