Friendi Internet Packages For Prepaid Users 2023 (Updated May)

We have compiled some of the Friendi Internet Data Packages & offers 2023 for prepaid users who are living in Saudi Arabia, KSA.

Virgin Mobile KSA has introduced another internet package known as FRiENDi Mobile. These packages are indeed worth their prices and provide the best services you need to stay connected with your loved ones. 

You can even opt for the international service bundles they provide. Moreover, Friendi now offers some new internet bundles as well, which will be discussed below, at lower prices. 

You can download Friendi App from Google PlaysStore or Apple App.

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Friendi KSA internet packages for 30 days

All of the internet packages below are for 30 days only. You can activate these packages by dialing *108#. And you will also receive a confirmation message upon activation of the internet bundle.

Internet Data PackagesQuantity Of Internet DataPrice Of The Package
750 MB Data Package 750 MB 18.99 SAR
1.5 GB Internet Package  1.5 GB + 0.4 GB Internet data 25.99 SAR
2.5 GB Internet Package  2.5 GB + 1 GB 39.99 SAR
5 GB Internet Package 5 GB+ 2 GB 60 SAR
8 GB Internet Package 8 GB  90 SAR
10 GB Internet Package 10 GB + 5 GB 95 SAR
14 GB Internet Package  14 GB 150 SAR
18 GB Internet Package 18 GB 200 SAR
20 GB Internet Package 20 + 20 GB 99 SAR
Updated on 20-05-2023

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Friendi KSA Internet Packages for 90 days

The packages below provide data that you can use for 90 days. To activate these packages, you can dial *108#. Moreover, once the package has been activated, you will also receive a confirmation message. 

Internet Data PackagesQuantity Of Internet DataPrice Of The Package
10 GB Internet Package 10 GB 110 SAR
12 GB Internet Package 12 GB  189 SAR
50 GB Internet Package 50+ 25 GB 260 SAR
Updated on 20-05-2023

You can also get an internet bundle for one day for rates as low as 1.99 SAR for 30 MB of internet. Moreover, Friendi provides different internet packages for 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, and 21 days as well. All of these packages range from 4.00 SAR to 21 SAR. 

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However, the above-mentioned Friendi Internet Packages are only for prepaid users registered on the Friendi network. Also, you can get to know your remaining friendly data package by dialing *102#. 

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