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Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Expatriates In Saudi Arabia 2024

LifestyleTop 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Expatriates In Saudi Arabia 2024

As a home to a large community of expatriates, Saudi Arabia offers various work and luxury living opportunities. Among the different Middle Eastern destinations, KSA is a stronger pick when managing finances and budget allowances. 

As relocation is an advanced step, many expats move every few months yearly and choose a career path to pursue at KSA.

Most expatriates tend to stay in Saudi Arabia longer than the actual plan. To reside in Saudi Arabia, they should know all the perks and apps to must-have with just a tap for a convenient stay in the country. 

Following are all the top 10 must-have apps every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia should have.

MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The abbreviation of MOFA is Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This application is one of the most useful in applying for a visa and the formal invitation to visit KSA. This app provides all the visa requirements, attestations, and related information.

Everything is handled here, including checking the current status of your visa application, registering for Hajj and Umrah application forms, verifying health certificates, making family visits, inquiring about visas, re-entry, and work visas, etc. 

Absher Online Platform & App

Absher enables you to access most government services in a single app. As a Saudi resident and a citizen, this app is a must-have. Absher is available both in Arabic and English.

In a securely automated manner, you can keep track of over 280 services and transactions, get Hajj permits, and apply for jobs without traveling to the headquarters. 


Traveling in the city is now easy and convenient in a new place through the reliable transportation apps Uber and Careem. So, these apps should be on your phone for time-saving travel when residing in the country.

Just plan to go, dress up, request a ride, and travel safely with affordable options on a single tap.

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